31 March, 2014

1:30 pm – 5:30 pm Pre-Conference Workshops
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Opening Reception in the Grand Ballroom Foyer, located on the second floor of Sheraton on the Park.

1 April, 2014

8:00 am – 9:00 am Continental Breakfast and Networking
9:00 am – 9:30 am CMWorld Sydney Kick-off
9:30am  - 10:30 am General Session
10:30 am – 11:00 am Networking and Refreshments in Expo Area
11:00 am – 12:00 pm General Session
12:00 pm – 12:45 pm  Standing Lunch in Expo Area
1:00 pm to 2:45 pm  General Session
2:45 pm – 3:15 pm Networking and Refreshments in Expo Area
3:15 pm – 5:30 pm  General Session
6:15 pm Evening Entertainment at Cyren Bar

2 April, 2014

8:00 am – 9:00 am Continental Breakfast and Networking
9:00 am – 11:15 am Breakout Sessions
11:15 am – 11:45 am Networking and Refreshments in Expo Area
11:45 am – 12:45 pm Breakout Sessions
12:45 pm – 1:30 pm  Standing Lunch in Expo Area
1:45 pm – 4:00 pm Breakout Sessions
4:00 pm – 4:15 pm Networking and Refreshments in Expo Area
4:15 pm – 5:15 pm Final Breakout Sessions

Full Printable agenda can be found here.  

General Sessions Include:

Pulizzi-Stage-3-150x150The Content Marketing Revolution
Joe Pulizzi [USA], Founder, Content Marketing Institute and Author, Epic Content Marketing

Joe will set the stage for CMW Sydney, and discuss what it really means to create and deliver Epic Content Marketing.

Mark-Schaefer-150x150A New View: Content as the Center of Power for You and Your Organisation
Mark Schaefer [USA], Author, Return on Influence

In this fast-paced and entertaining keynote talk, Mark Schaefer discusses his research into how power and influence have changed in the online world. He’ll reveal how you can make these new realities work for you, your company and brand.

Robert-headshot-2011-color-medium-1-150x150The Three Models for Content Creation
Robert Rose [USA], Chief Strategist, Content Marketing Institute and Author, Managing Content Marketing

There are three distinct content marketing models: from the roots of becoming Content Aware, to the Thought Leader, to the Storyteller. Attendees of this session will spend the time exploring and understanding these emerging models. Why? Because the approach, the resources and who we’ll need to help us on this journey vary greatly depending on our goals. Which of the archetypes is best for your content marketing strategy – and how do you get there?

jones-headshot-263x300The 3 “E’s” of Content Scaling
Colleen Jones [USA], Author, Clout and Does Your Content Work?

You applied content marketing to a project or campaign. It succeeded. Now, how do you scale your success? The 3Es of content engineering, evaluation, and empowerment will help you put together the right tools, teams, and decision-making techniques for scaling.

Jiwa high res 3revMarketing Is NOT a Department it’s the Story of how you Create Difference
Bernadette Jiwa [Australia], Author, The Fortune Cookie Principle

We spent $500 billion globally on advertising in 2013. Every year we’re spending more money, to interrupt more people, more often, with messages they don’t care about and don’t pay attention to. We’ve come to believe that the way to succeed is to have an advantage—by being different or better, more visible, or just plain louder. What if, instead of finding ways to be one step ahead of your competition, you could build and market your business to give people a reason to choose you? What if you could stop trying to beat the competition, and become the competition? Learn how to recognize opportunities that create value, to develop products and services that people want, and to matter to your customers using the Difference Model.

TODD_WHEATLAND_HEADSHOT_02 reducedThe Psychology of Content – Leveraging Human Nature in Your Content Strategy
Todd Wheatland [Australia], Chief Marketing Officer, Kelly Services OCG and Author, The Marketer’s Guide to Slideshare

Behind the decisions we make every day are a set of hidden triggers. Understanding these is the key to creating content that resonates. Those content marketers that clearly understand how psychology impacts content engagement will have the clear advantage.

JesseDesjardins-Headshot revLessons Learned from the World’s Biggest Social Media Team
Jesse Desjardins [Australia], Social Media & Advocacy Manager, Tourism Australia

The tourism industry looks to Australia as the example for destination marketing in the social age. By harnessing its millions of advocates globally the nimble social media team of three at Tourism Australia have helped quickly make Australia the most followed destination on Facebook, Instagram and Google+. Learn firsthand content marketing insights from the highly successful ‘Best Jobs in the World’ campaign to how the team curate the over 900 photos that the organisation receives daily.

TimWasher-150x150Taking Your Content from Boring to Found
Tim Washer [USA], Social Media Lead, Cisco Systems

Explore 5 video case studies that earned industry recognition, and were produced on a shoestring budget in this interactive session. Projects will include a Webby-nominated doc- umentary; a mockumentary voted “Staff Favorite” by Comedy Central, and an edutainment animation that was part of IBM’s PRSA Silver Anvil award-winning Smarter Planet campaign. We’ll discuss the key barriers to creating compelling content and share solutions on how to work around each.

Andy_New_MasterA CMO’s Take on Content Marketing
Andy Lark [Australia], CEO, Group Lark

Sure…content marketing is all the rage. Lots of companies are experimenting with it. But at the end of the day, we need proof that it is driving the right behaviors for the business. Listen to one of Australia’s most popular CMOs speak about what CMOs really care about when it comes to content marketing, and what you need to do to get buy-in, and budget.

Breakout Sessions Include:

Chris ChampionBobbi MahlabKeeping Member and Customers Coming Back: Driving Retention with Content Marketing
Bobbi Mahlab [Australia], Founder and Managing Director, Mahlab Media
Chris Champion [Australia], CEO, IPWEA

The Institute of Public Works Engineering ( has ranked No. 1 for member engagement in Australia’s leading engagement study for the past two years. Their communications platform includes a private social network with highly successful forums, a bi-monthly print and digital magazine, and segmented e-newsletters for their communities of practice. Their data proves how their content and integrated communications platform have driven engagement over time.

jones-headshot-263x300How to Do a Content Audit?
Colleen Jones [USA], Author, Clout and Does Your Content Work?

Want to develop a content strategy? Start with a content audit. In this hands-on session, Colleen Jones will draw on her auditing experience with brands ranging from AutoTrader to The Coca-Cola Company and walk you through the key steps of a content audit. By the end of this session, you’ll know the essentials of auditing content–and you’ll be well on your way to a successful content strategy.

stigrichardsHow Big Brands Are Getting their Content Found – Panel
Moderated by: Stig Richards [Australia], Managing Director, Sound Alliance

Sure, you have great content, but if it’s not found by the right people, it’s a big corporate waste. In this expert panel, we will discuss what some of the best methods are for both paid and free distribution, and multiple secrets from the big brands on how they get their content found on the web. Panelists include: Ayal Steiner, GM Outbrain ANZ, Emma Rugge Price, VP Branding & Communications, GE ANZ, and more.

Ray KlossHow to Structure Your Content Team (While Traditional Media Channels Are Dying)
Ray Kloss [Australia], Head of Marketing, SAP Australia & New Zealand

Like other large brands, SAP saw the effectiveness of traditional media slowing slip away. Over the past few years SAP Australia & New Zealand has been retooling their marketing organisation around new forms of content creation and distribution. Listen to how they have done it, the problems they’ve run into, small wins and their plans for the future.

Jeff Bullas Photo 3Pulizzi-Stage-3-150x150The Content Opportunity for Small Businesses – A Q&A
Moderated by Jonathan Crossfield [Australia], Content Marketing Strategist and Author
Joe Pulizzi [USA], Founder, Content Marketing Institute and Author, Epic Content Marketing
Jeff Bullas [Australia], Founder and CEO, Pty Ltd

In this session specifically designed for small businesses, Joe and Jeff will answer the most pressing content marketing issues for those without a big budget.


Robert-headshot-2011-color-medium-1-150x150What Content Marketing Technologies Are You Missing? A Content Marketing Technology Roundtable
Moderated by Robert Rose [USA], Chief Strategist, Content Marketing Institute and Author, Managing Content Marketing

Today, there are specific technology solutions that are focused on making the content marketing process more effective, easier and more measurable. From collaboration, to curation, to optimization and even complete platforms, let’s look at the landscape of these new, innovative solutions. They are certainly reshaping marketing technology budget, but let’s discuss which ones are impacting the process of content marketing and which ones can help you with your content marketing efforts today.

Helen Livesey photo_revStarting and Scaling a Content Marketing Program
Helen Livesey [Australia], Director of Brand, AMP

Financial services company, AMP, shares their experience of embarking on the shift from the traditional marketing mix to a content led strategy. They’ll share insights about the reality of translating theory into practice – ranging from the consumer and business imperatives that drove the move to a content led approach to the inevitable challenges, the results, and what’s next.

Nenad-velika-2-1-150x150The Amazing Opportunity in Printed Content Marketing
Nenad Senic [Slovenia], Disput

The world, even the content marketing world, may be blinded by the digital, however, print is a very powerful content marketing tool, used by many brands really successfully. Nenad Senic will show you you step by step how to successfully integrate print in your content marketing activities. Have you ever thought of sending a B2B magazine as in invitation to your next event? Now you just might.

chris_mcwilliams10 Workable ways to get more Creative with your Content Creation
Chris McWilliams [Australia] – Excecutive Producer, Digital Content, Triple M

We all know what we want to do when it comes to Content Marketing. To create a meaningful relationship with our audience we develop a strategy, put the people, process and production in place and then you create. But you don’t. Consistently, ‘being creative’ or ‘getting creative’ is the source of a lot of Content marketers problems. As the digital noise increases, the need to be creative with your content becomes paramount. Content creation without a creative process is tantamount to admitting failure before you begin at Content Marketing. In this session, I hope to give you actionable takeaways that will genuinely aid in the creation of something amazing.

Sarah_Mitchell b&w web useGlobalising Content for an International Audience
Sarah Mitchell [Australia], Australian Editor, Chief Content Officer magazine

Most businesses understand the need for translation but underestimate the importance of globalising their content. Every day organisations around the world experience self-inflicted brand damage by not considering how their content will be perceived in other countries. Even when language is not the issue, cultural differences can hamper the effectiveness of your content marketing initiatives. In this session, you’ll receive guidance on how to globalise your content to attract a culturally diverse audience with definite recommendations on things to do and what to avoid doing.

kevin-cain-300x300The (Content) Matrix: How to Align, Prioritize, and Fuel a Successful Content Strategy
Kevin Cain [Australia], Content Marketing Strategist

Effective content marketing is about more than just content creation. It’s also about understanding the unique context of your buyers’ situation, the best points of contact for reaching those buyers, and the appropriate conversions to help shepherd them down the path to purchase. In this session you will learn how to develop a content matrix that aligns all of this information, leaving you with a clear, focused framework for developing a content strategy that drives meaningful business results.

brad smithFrom every once in a while to always on: How SEEK Publishes Consistently and Wins
Brad Smith [Australia], Content Marketing Manager, SEEK

In 2012, SEEK was a very effective website – just 2 years later, in 2014 SEEK is also a mobile optimised site, a mobile and tablet app, a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ community. The rise of social media and the mobile revolution has forced us all to rethink how we do business and one critical component for SEEK has been the move from old-school campaign based ad bursts to “always on” engagement. This shift has been a fascinating and revealing tale of changing mindsets and processes to “think like a publisher” and breaking down internal silos. Brad will talk about the top tips to implementing an editorial newsroom, how to effectively repurpose content and how to develop a consistent schedule in your organisation.

ccollacott_lrgdjredhill_lrg_1Inside Deloitte’s Content Marketing Strategy
David Redhill [Australia], Chief Marketing Officer, Deloitte
Chris Collacott [Australia], Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Deloitte

Go in-depth into how Deloitte Australia used content marketing strategy and execution as a key driver in growing from $300 million to $1.1 billion in revenue inside a 10-year period. David and Chris will share what worked (and what didn’t), how they integrated content within the organisation, how Deloitte created multiple content assets from single projects and the firm’s strategy for turning content conversations into valuable insights and leads.

calder_revTurning Old World Content into Content Marketing Assets for the Future: A Step-by-Step Guide for a Marketing Director
Carden Calder [Australia], Managing Partner, BlueChip Communication

Turning old world content into content marketing assets for the future, step-by-step guide for marketing directors and teams transitioning their content and teams into a content marketing world (including template transition plan) – What are your re-usable assets? Which skills/roles are transferable? What’s a possible process for making the change?

TimWasher-150x150How to Create a Video Series for Your Brand from the Ground Up
Tim Washer [USA], Social Media Lead, Cisco Systems

Sure, everyone is telling you to create and distribute video, but what’s the best method for executing video? Video marketing expert Tim Washer will start from the ground up on how you can develop a video series that will stand the test of time.

headshot hi-resHunting Hippos — Winning Approval from C-Level for Content Marketing
Jonathan Crossfield [Australia], Content Marketing Strategist and Author

All of these inspiring sessions and workshops may have you excited about content marketing. But how do you sell your new ideas and strategies in to the boss back at the office? Stop looking at gold star content strategies, thinking “They’ll never let me do anything as cool as this.” You might be surprised what you can achieve if you approach your hippo in the right way.

juliehamiltonWhere Agencies Are Going Wrong with Content Marketing and What Brands Need to Know About It
Julie Hamilton [Australia], Content Editor, BT Financial Group

As brands embrace the brave new world of content marketing they need to know how to get the best results from their agencies. Here are the 7 things agencies are getting wrong with Content Marketing and what companies should do about it.

Mark-Schaefer-150x150Content Shock: Strategies to Cut through Information Density
Mark Schaefer [USA], Author, Return on Influence

The amount of content on the web is exploding. How do we stand out in an increasingly dense wall of content noise? Return on Influence author Mark Schaefer will detail specific, how-to steps to cut through the clutter and stand out.


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